Is it possible to remove advertisements?

Yes, we offer 2 types of membership that will remove all types of ads from the app. These are available from the My Subcription page in the Main Menu of the app.


The Ad Free subscription is available for $5.99 per year and removes all advertisements from the app while subscribed.


The Weatherzone Pro subscription is available for $5.99 per month and will remove all advertisements from the app and desktop website. Weatherzone Pro will also give you access to extra features, including local lightning data on the local radar, access to Weatherzone Layers and additional features on the app and desktop website.


If you already have a desktop Weatherzone Pro membership you can log in on My Subscription screen from the Main Menu of the app.


If you have purchased a subscription but are still seeing ads after an update, try the Restore Purchases button on the My Subscription page.

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