How do I restore a previous Premium purchase in WeatherPro 5.0?

After updating your WeatherPro app to version 5.0, you can immediately transfer your previous Premium subscription to the new version after opening the app for the first time. Ideally, your Premium account in our database was linked to your Google Account (email address). If your Premium account is unavailable (e.g. because you deleted the app and reinstalled it) or you want to transfer your Premium subscription to another device, you can easily restore the purchase. 

Please activate the Premium purchase screen in the app by tapping on a Premium feature within the app (marked with a lock). Then tap the "Restore Purchases" link (in the middle of the screen) and select the Google Account that was used for the update. This should restore the Premium service to version 5.0.  

Please note: The "Restore Purchases" link can only restore Premium purchases made in the previous app versions. New subscriptions purchased in version 5.0 are excluded. 

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