How can I customize the WeatherPro Dashboard?

The WeatherPro Dashboard gives you the ability to customize the weather forecast to your individual needs. Scroll down in the forecast overview (weather) and tap the button that appears in the lower right corner.

A tap on "Edit modules" allows you to easily rearrange the modules within the dashboard via drag & drop. A tap on the "Trash" icon allows you to delete the corresponding module (exception: The forecast module cannot be removed from the dashboard). If you have accidentally deleted a module, you can easily undo this by tapping on "Add module". By default, the WeatherPro Dashboard offers you:

  • Forecast module: Prediction for the next few days
  • Map module: Latest radar image for your location (data not available worldwide)
  • Graph module: Wind data in 3-hourly increments

You want even more creative freedom? With our optional Premium Service, you can add more modules to the WeatherPro Dashboard and customize them to your individual needs. You can access the numerous additional personalization options for the individual modules by tapping on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of a module.

Forecast module:

Decide whether your forecast should cover 3, 7 or 14 days or individually define the number of forecast days (3-14 days). In addition, you can modify the weather parameters by using the presetting options and thus, for example, focus on wind or precipitation

Map module:

Choose which preview of the map layer you want to add to your dashboard. The map module always shows you the latest image from the currently three available layers: the radar, the precipitation type radar (distinguishes between rain, snow, etc.) and the infrared satellite image. While the satellite images are available worldwide, WeatherPro provides radar data for Australia, the USA and most of Europe.

Graph module:

You basically just would like to see when it's going to rain or how long the sun will shine for? Then select one of these parameters as "Type" and define under "Period" whether the data should be presented in hourly, 3- or 12-hourly increments. Depending on the set value, the forecast period changes in the module: for 12-hourly data, about 9 days are displayed; for hourly data the next 18 hours are visualized.

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