My widget does not update. Why?

In recent years, the Android operating system has become more and more complex, which also affects the functionality of our widgets. In order to ensure the widgets update themselves regularly and autonomously, numerous processes are necessary that run in the background and require battery power. Especially with newer Android versions, the system can strongly influence these processes and even terminate them without a visible message. Similar problems are often caused by additionally implemented programs (so-called task killers), which are integrated into the system by the manufacturers, especially in order to increase the battery life cycle.

In general, we recommend to disable all energy saving options for the app and (if available) the adaptive battery. It’s also suggested to let WeatherPro run in the background to not interrupt the processes needed for updating the widgets in the background. This might help to prevent the clock in the widget from stopping when the app is closed via the task manager.

The WeatherPro widgets update regularly every 30 minutes. If the system does not respond to the data request or there is currently no Internet connection, the update may fail. A quick workaround is to open the app, because the background process for the widget is then restarted. Alternatively, the widget can be updated by pressing the refresh button.

With the latest updates, the widgets have been repeatedly optimized and the update process has been significantly improved for many users. Because the system-wide regulations (used to save battery power) cannot be influenced, however, despite all improvements, no guarantee can be given of a completely trouble-free update of the widgets on all devices available.

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