Imprecise forecasts?

You believe you have noticed inaccuracies in WeatherPro's forecast and want to report them? Thank you for helping us to identify potential problems in data delivery and data processing, which gives us the chance to resolve them as quickly as possible. To be able to help you we kindly request:

  • a short description, which weather data seems to be wrong or inaccurate and why you come to this conclusion (Example: The maximum temperature was predicted as 14°C, but in the end it reached 20°C. This value was shown by my digital weather station.)
  • at least one screenshot showing the location, date and time and the imprecise data. If you are not able to create a screenshot we need at least the location, date and time and the displayed values (Example: Bad Kissingen, on 14.03.2020 at 2 pm, measured 20°, the daily overview showed only 14°C.)

We thank you for your report, but we have to point out that we cannot reproduce the issue without the above information and therefore cannot answer your request.

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