How to create an account and why it is useful to create an account after subscribing to the Premium service?

Whether it be WeatherPro, MeteoEarth or AlertsPro (only available for Android and iOS) you only have to pay once for our premium service. We recommend creating an account as your Premium subscription is saved there: in the event you have to restore your device you can easily reactivate your Premium service with your credentials.

Please note: You can only create an account once you have subscribed for Premium. The app itself can‘t be transferred!


Creating an account

Create an account directly after you’ve purchased your premium subscription via:

Settings / Account / Create new account

Please enter your chosen credentials (user name and password) and a valid email address, you will then receive a registration email. Click the link in the email to verify your email address and your account will automatically be activated.


Transferring Premium to an account

Now you can transfer your premium subscription via:

Settings / Account / Register this device

Your premium subscription is now transferred to your account and preferences saved. You can now enable Premium in additional apps and on multiple devices by: selecting a premium feature, tapping on the “Restore Premium” button and adding your account credentials.


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