Apple Watch: What can be seen on the dial?

The observation screen uses a colour scheme, introducing an innovative flower design to show at one glance how cloudy or sunny it is (grey and yellow petal), if it's raining (blue petal) and how strong the wind currently is (green petal). On the bottom left, you can see the current temperature, alongside the “feels like” temperature on the right.

If you are looking for further details, you can activate an additional screen by using the Digital Crown to scroll down. This shows the observation data that is visualised in the flower in an easy-to-read format by using numerical data. Using the same colour scheme you’ll be able to get all the information you need at a glance.

The horizontal visualisation on the forecast screen gives users the option to look further ahead, pinpointing the current time with a vertical red line. At the top users can see how the temperature changes during the day, enhanced by information about sunshine (yellow), clouds (grey), rain (blue) and wind (green). The intensity of the colours corresponds with the level of the weather phenomena, e.g. the deeper green the green bar, the windier it is.

Our radar preview gives you an immediate impression of how likely the next rainfall or thunderstorm will be.

The complication exhibits the numerical forecasted temperature at the current hour, which is additionally symbolised by the outer ring. The outer ring shows a temperature range of -40°C/-40°F (bottom left) to 40°C/104°F (bottom right) with the freezing point (0°C/32°F) at the top center. The outer ring fills out in accordance to the displayed forecast, which is +18°C. Conversely, the outer ring would fill out towards the negative temperatures if the forecasted temperatures fall below 0°C/32°F.


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