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Why are there differences in the forecasts of MeteoEarth and WeatherPro?

The forecasts in WeatherPro and MeteoEarth cannot be compared cause they’re based on different data and therefore generated in different ways.

While WeatherPro is the ideal app for the daily, local forecast, MeteoEarth has more an educational, playful approach: With our 3D weather app you can visualise global weather phenomena quite easily so that even children get it. On contrary to WeatherPro, with forecasts generated by a Multi-Model MOS (including data from the leading global weather models like UKMO, GFS etc.), MeteoEarth only offers calculated global data, based on the ECMWF. Local weather events like showers or thunderstorms can’t be forecast optimally because the grid pattern is not fine-meshed enough.

Another important difference is the type of the presented data. While you can check both, observational and forecast data in WeatherPro, MeteoEarth only offers calculated forecast data (Exception: short weather info left of the favourite’s name). So eg. the precipitation layer in MeteoEarth cannot be equated with the radar animations in WeatherPro. To sum things up: For your daily weather check we recommend the usage of WeatherPro. MeteoEarth scores with the fun factor and is the ideal app to make weather phenomena comprehensive and to visualize exciting weather phenomena all over the world.

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