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Why are there differences in the warnings of AlertsPro and WeatherPro?

The warnings in WeatherPro and AlertsPro cannot be compared cause they are generated in different ways.

The warnings offered in WeatherPro are only pre-warnings, no urgent warnings. The alerts are generated based on different weather models (ECMWF, GFS, UKMO, etc.). Here we check all data in the surrounding of your chosen location. If the data of one weather model reach a fixed limit in the surrounding area, an alert will be generated. But this doesn’t mean that it will definitely come to a weather event with the predicted dimension.

In AlertsPro you receive real-time severe weather alerts, which are both, automatically generated and manually created by our meteorologists. These alerts can also be received via push notification so that you always be aware. Beside these severe weather alerts (orange, red and purple) also AlertsPro offers pre-warnings in yellow but due to the fact that they are created based on different data sources they can only hardly be compared to each other.

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