How can I add, delete and sort my favourite locations?

Use the “Favourites” tab to open the list of your favourite locations. Please tap on the (+) button in the upper right corner and type the name of the location you are looking for in the search bar (for iPad versions the search bar and favourites are always visible in landscape mode, if you are using portrait mode they can be opened using the magnifying glass). Often a list of suggestions is automatically displayed after the first 4-5 letters are entered. If the desired location is not listed, please type the full/exact name of the location in the search bar and click on "Search" within the keyboard.

To save a favourite location, select the (+) button next to the search result. To delete a favourite location you can either use the common swipe left gesture, or use the menu icon in the lower right hand corner (left corner for iPads) to open edit mode: the (-) button will appear to the left of the locations, and the menu icon to the right can be held down to rearrange locations using drag and drop.

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