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Why am I not receiving push notifications, also they’re enabled in the device settings?

This is often caused by the use of “My location”. To send alerts automatically, based on your exact location, we would have to permanently locate our users using GPS. This is not in our interest or in the interest of most AlertsPro users. If want push notifications for all places where you visit frequently, then you can add them manually to your favourites (via the button in the upper right corner).

Furthermore you only get push notifications for new warnings. If there are already exist warnings for your location and maybe only the level changes, you won’t receive another message. As an example, if you add a new favorite which already has a warning, you will get no further push notification for the same alert.

If you are using a data connection via WIFI, firewalls and proxy servers can affect the ability to receive push notifications. Furthermore there may be delayed notifications due to technical reasons. We are constantly working on optimization and for faster push shipping.

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