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What offers Rain Today Premium?

Rain Today Premium is a rainfall radar service from MeteoGroup offering:

  • Precipitation type rainfall radar - therefore differentiating between snow, rain, hail, freezing rain and rain/snow mix.
  • Forecast rainfall radar - MeteoGroup are able to project the latest rainfall radar observations as a 3 hour forecast (a short term forecast often referred to as a nowcast).
  • High resolution - all rainfall radar information is updated every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, to ensure that you have the very latest data.
  • Drag pan and zoom - free dragging, pan and zoom around the UK rainfall radar using mouse or track wheel.
  • Customisation - you can customise the rainfall radar with options such as auto animation on startup, observations or forecasts, the interval rate and temperature units.
  • More zoom. You can zoom in further to see more accurately where precipitation has been and where it will be.
  • Your places - store up to three places of your choice for easy access every time you login
  Rain Today Standard Rain Today Premium
Rainfall Radar Yes Yes
Precipitation Type Radar No Yes
Observations Radar Yes Yes
Forecast Radar No Yes
Temperature Map Yes Yes
Radars per hour 4 12
Zoom 5 zoom levels 8 zoom levels
Customise the radar No Yes
Save favourites places 1 location Up to 3 locations
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